If the Pool Is Exposed to Leaves and Debris Pool Debris Cover Is the Equipment You Need

Maintain Pool Debris Cover and It Will Last for Many Seasons

Various Types of Pool Covers 

Pool debris is an unpleasant occurrence throughout the year which takes a lot of time and effort to deal with. It is a problem especially during summer when there is a plenty of leaves and insects. Larger items can be successfully removed with a skimmer but it is a solution that will last for a couple of hours or less. Pool debris cover serves the purpose longer, and in a more reliable way that doesn’t require any effort from your side. What might be the problem is to choose just the right type for the pool. The market offers many different types of covers. Mesh covers protect the pool from the leaf, debris, and small animals like ducks, for example. Over the winter season, it keeps the pool closed and secure. Pool debris cover benefits the pool in many ways. It reduces evaporation and chemical loss and prevents leaves and debris from falling into the pool. One of its primary functions is to reduce the cleaning time as well. If one’s intention is just to warm the water during the day, the solar pool cover is an excellent choice. However, it doesn’t cover the pool 100% and therefore it has limited success in stopping debris and leaves. A similar product is thermal pool blanket which keeps the water warm and reduces leaves to a certain extent. Much better and far more expensive seal provides slat cover that serves also as a safety fence. It can withstand the weight of an adult let alone children. They can peacefully play by the pool without having parents keeping an eye on them. 

Floating Row Cover
The mesh cover is a good option as it protects the pool from debris, small animals and leaves.

Maintain the Cover after Installation

The lightest wind is sometimes enough to throw a bunch of leaves into the pool. Without pool debris cover, cleaning the pool is an annoying job which cost time and effort. Its main advantage is that it completely fits the pool. Detachable straps fix the cover to the pool’s surround.The other name for pool debris cover is mesh cover since it is made from high-quality plastic fabrics. Polypropylene and Polyethylene are mostly in use for their convenience for fine mesh. Rain passes through such mesh while all the leaves, insect or debris leave outside the pool. This time, the wind is the ally. It can blow the leaves off the surface because they do not have any contact with water. Manual assistance is sometimes welcomed, and for that purpose, bloom or leaf-blower are used. For the pools of standard size, pool debris cover is lightweight, and in most case, one person only can handle it. That said, the roller has not been required. Speaking about the type of the pool, it can fit both, in-ground and above ground pools. The proper maintenance will keep the pool and the cover in perfect shape. As soon as you notice landing of leaves and debris on the cover, remove it if they are not blown away! Rain falling on the leaves causes the collecting of bacteria and spores that might get through the cover and contaminate the water. The cover keeps out insects, leaves, and debris but you might find algae in spite of all the precautions.  

Pool Debris Cover
If you buy the floating cover, you save too much time and effort to clean the pool from the leaves that fall into the water.

How to Make the Right Choice

In the search for the reliable pool debris cover, one should pay attention to that one whose primary benefit is keeping leaves and debris off entering the water. Only the complete sealing promises permanent protection. Heavy wind can expose the pool to leaves and debris if the cover is not fixed over the pool. If it happens during some bad weather that rain and wet leaves have collected on the surface, you should remove them carefully first before you move the cover. It is important because it will prevent them from sliding into the water. Mesh covers stay in place, and they effectively keep out leaves and debris. There is no need to drain the surface unless the weather caused collecting of wet leaves. As for the fine debris, it collects on the bottom of the pool after a certain period of time. There is no absolute protection from it. Which mesh cover will you choose depends on the frequency of using the pool. If you use it mostly on weekends, it makes sense to take time to install it, especially if the pool is prone above average to leaves and debris. Sometimes, people choose to have a solar pool cover for warming the water and a mesh cover to protect the pool from debris. In such cases, the solar cover should be installed below the mesh.

Blue Pool Debris Cover
If the cover is not installed well to the pool, the air can easily be removed and the pool will be exposed to all types of debris.

Full Protection if Combined with the Safety Net

Depending on where you live, your pool might be exposed to wildlife. Cute birds like ducks can make you a lot of stress with leaving their droppings every time they visit your pool. Especially if you and your family intend to be absent a couple of weeks or longer, you shall not leave the pool unprotected. Pool debris cover is a barrier fence against ducks and other birds that might enjoy the water over summer. Mesh covers can be anchored directly, and they are designed to last for many years. Their main purpose is preventing leaves and debris from infiltrating the water, and they are not intended to withstand the weight. However, if the mesh is installed properly it can support the weight in some emergency. A safety net can be attached to the leaf pool net. Both covers should be stretched tightly over the pool to provide safety, and to look nice. Pools are of different shapes and sizes, and the mesh can be adjusted to fit the exact shape and dimensions. It adds to the overall appearance by creating a natural, finished look.

Green Pool Debris Cover
Not only debris can be a problem for the pool, so are the ducks as they leave their excrement every time they enter.

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